2017 SSC CGL 10 Aug Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

A chord of length 60 cm is at a distance of 16 cm from the centre of a circle. What is the radius (in cm) of the circle?

Question 92

In the given figure. a smaller circle touches a larger circle at P and passes through its centre 0. PR is a chord of length 34 cm. then what is the length (in cm) of PS? 

Question 93

In the given figure. ABC is a triangle in which. AB = 10 cm. AC = 6 cm and altitude AE = 4 cm. If AD is the diameter of the circum-circle. then what is the length (in cm) of circum-radius? 

Question 94

What is the simplified value of $$cosec^6A - cot^6A - 3 cosec^2A cot^2A$$ ?

Question 95

What is the simplified value of $$\sqrt{\frac{secA-1}{secA+1}}$$ ?

Question 96

If tan A = 1/2 and tan B = 1/3, then what is the value of tan (2A + B)?


The pie chart given below shows the percentage of time taken by different processes in making a car. 

Question 97

If total time taken to make a car is 300 hours, then what is the total time (in hours) taken in paint and frame?

Question 98

If time taken in seats is 192 hours, then what is the time taken (in hours) in glass?

Question 99

If total time taken in engine and tyres is 127.5 hours, then what is the difference (in hours) in time taken by frame and glass respectively?

Question 100

15% of total time is spent on quality check and this time is equally taken from all other processes. So What will be the new sectorial angle (in degrees) made by total time of seats and glass?

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