2017 SSC CGL 09 Aug Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

Match the following.

Question 72

Who has won the 'Miss Universe 2016' title?

Question 73

Who is the author of the book titled 'Numbers Do Lie'?

Question 74

Who has been appointed as the Secretary General of the United Nations in January, 2017?

Question 75

India has longest international border with which country?

Question 76

How many numbers are there from 700 to 950 (including both) which are neither divisible by 3 nor by 7?

Question 77

A can complete a work in 20 days and B can complete the same work in 25 days. If both of them work together, then in 3 days what percent of the total work will be completed?

Question 78

The length of two parallel sides of a trapezium are 18 m and 24 m. If its height is 12 m, then what is the area $$(in m^2)$$ of the trapezium ?

Question 79

If two successive discounts of 50% and 10% are offered, then what is the net discount (in %)?

Question 80

Three bottles of equal capacity containing mixture of milk and water in ratio 2 : 5, 3 : 4 and 4 : 5 respectively. These three bottles are emptied into a large bottle. What will be the ratio of milk and water respectively in the large bottle?

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