MAT Cutoffs 2024, Check College-wise Expected Cutoff's

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MAT Cutoff 2024: Over 600 MBA Colleges in India use the Management Aptitude Test (MAT) as a standardised test for MBA and associated programme admissions. The All India Management Association (AIMA) administers the MAT, which is held four times a year in February, May, September, and December. The test assesses a candidate's competency in language comprehension, mathematical skills, data analysis and sufficiency, intelligence and critical reasoning, and the Indian and global environment. With the MAT 2024 coming, understanding the cutoffs for specific universities is critical for candidates looking to earn a position at their preferred business schools.

MAT Cutoffs: College Wise

MAT cutoffs are the minimal scores or percentile ranks required for admission to a specific business school. These cutoffs vary each institution and are determined by a variety of criteria including as the number of candidates, exam difficulty, seat availability, and the institution's reputation. Meeting the cutoff is only one aspect of the admissions process; candidates must often do well in later rounds such as group discussions (GD), personal interviews (PI), and written ability tests (WAT).

CollegePercentile (Cutoff)
BIMTECH, Greater Noida90%ile +
Woxsen University, Hyderabad90%ile +
Delhi School of Business (DSB), Delhi80 - 90%ile
St. Joseph’s Institute of Management, Bangalore80 - 90%ile
SOIL Institute of Management60 - 80%ile
TAPMI School of Business, Jaipur60 - 80%ile
The list below includes other colleges, their expected cutoff percentile as well as a brief introduction about the colleges.

Factors Influencing MAT Cutoffs

  1. The greater the number of applicants, the more competitive the cutoffs tend to be. Tougher exam editions may yield lower cutoffs, whilst easy tests may yield higher cutoffs.
  2. Institutional Demand: Prestigious institutions with significant demand tend to establish higher cutoffs.
  3. Number of Seats: Colleges with more seats may have lower cutoffs, and vice versa.

General Cutoff Trends for MAT

AT cutoffs are typically expressed as percentile ranks. Top-tier business schools frequently put their cutoffs above the 95th percentile, although middle-tier and lower-tier institutions may set them anywhere between the 60th and 80th percentiles. Here are some projected cutoff trends for the MAT 2024, based on prior years:

Top-tier institutions: 95-99 percentile
Mid-tier Institutes: 75–90 percentile
Lower-tier Institutes: 60–74 percentile

MAT Expected Cutoffs for Top Business Schools in MAT 2024

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME) in Bangalore

Expected cutoff: 90 percentile +
XIME is well-known for its challenging academic programmes and high level of corporate participation. The institute recruits people who not only perform academically but also have tremendous leadership potential.

Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) in Hyderabad:

Expected Cutoff: 80-85%
IPE provides a comprehensive curriculum centred on public sector firms and has regularly set competitive cutoffs to maintain its excellent academic standards.

Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM) in Trichy:

Expected cutoff: 85-90 percentile
BIM's cutoffs reflect its emphasis on finding candidates with good analytical and administrative skills.

Christ University Institute of Management (CUIM) in Bangalore:

Expected Cutoff: 80-85%
CUIM's broad programmes and outstanding placement record draw a high number of applications, resulting in competitive cutoffs.

Amity Business School, Noida:

Expected cutoff: 70–75 percentile
Amity University, known for its wide campus and broad industrial linkages, maintains reasonable cutoffs to ensure a balanced student intake.

Importance of MAT Cutoffs in the Admission Process

Meeting the MAT cutoff is important, but it is simply the first step in the admissions process. Candidates must also prepare for the following steps, which frequently include:

  • Group conversations (GD): Assesses a candidate's ability to collaborate in groups, communicate effectively, and lead conversations.
  • Personal interviews (PIs) evaluate a candidate's personality, confidence, and fitness for a managerial position.
  • Written Ability Tests (WAT): Assesses a candidate's writing skills and ability to explain ideas clearly and concisely.

Preparing for MAT 2024.

To meet or exceed the cutoffs, candidates should prioritize the following preparation strategies:

  1. Comprehensive Study Plan: Cover all MAT topics fully, including Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, and Indian and Global Environment.
  2. Mock Tests: Conduct mock tests on a regular basis to imitate the exam setting and discover areas for improvement.
  3. Time Management: Improve your ability to manage time properly during the exam to ensure that all portions are adequately completed.
  4. Reading and Comprehension: Improve your reading abilities so you can easily grasp and answer comprehension questions.
  5. Mathematical Practice: Regularly solve mathematical problems to increase speed and accuracy.

Conclusion MAT Cutoffs 2024

The MAT cutoffs for 2024 will be essential in selecting whether applicants are admitted to various MBA programmes across India. While meeting the cutoff is important, candidates must also perform well in subsequent rounds of the selection process. With adequate preparation and a smart approach, applicants can gain admission to their selected business schools and launch a successful management career. Staying informed about cutoff trends and preparing accordingly will be critical for navigating the tough field of MBA admissions.

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