Time, Distance and Work Test 2


Boston is 4 hr ahead of Frankfurt and 2 hr behind India. X leaves Frankfurt at 6 p.m. on Friday and reaches Boston the next day. After waiting there for 2 hr, he leaves exactly at noon and reaches India at 1 a.m. On his return journey, he takes the same route as before, but halts at Boston for 1hr less than his previous halt there. He then proceeds to Frankfurt.

Q 1

If his journey, including stoppage, is covered at an average speed of 180 mph during the journey from Frankfurt to India, what is the distance between Frankfurt and India?

Q 2

If X had started the return journey from India at 2.55 a.m. on the same day that he reached there, after how much time would he reach Frankfurt?

Q 3

What is X's average speed for the entire journey (to and fro)?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

A tank has two taps P and Q attached to it. The two taps, working together, can fill the tank in 40 hours. The capacity of the tank is 22000 liters. Tap P is twice as efficient as tap Q. Both the taps were opened simultaneously but tap P was closed after 25 hours. Tap Q remained open till the entire tank was full. How many more liters of water were pumped in by tap Q than by tap P (Round to the nearest integer)?

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Q 5

In a textile factory, a man starts working on a project on day 1. On day 2, two more men joined him on the project. On day 3, three more men join the project and so on till the entire project is completed in exactly 10 days. In how many days can the project be completed by 20 women, if each woman is twice as fast as a man?

# Name Overall Score
1 Pratishwar Bhartiya 15
2 Antriksh Tyagi 15
3 Prashant kumar 15
4 Bharat Guglani 15
5 Trishna Bhattacharya 15
6 Shivam Gupta 15
7 vinod james 15
8 hrdikk 15
9 Gourav Goyal 15
10 Vaibhav Aggarwal 15

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