Reading Comprehension Test 1


Read the below passage and answer the questions that follow.

We live in an age of new mobility, where the landscape of our digital life is expanding and evolving at unprecedented speed. Wireless connectivity has spread from computers and smartphones to cars, homes and cities, and it's simplifying and improving our way of living.

The rise of "smart" objects and machines powered by machine-to-machine (M2M) technology has been a huge catalyst for the Internet of Things -- a web of connected objects and devices that communicate with one another to make life easier. The automotive industry is leading the way forward with more than 23 million connected cars on the road today and projections for 152 million by 2020.

Connected cars enhance our lives with rich services, including advanced 3D navigation, automatic emergency calling when accidents occur and always-on mobile Wi-Fi. They can automatically exchange information with other smart objects, such as traffic lights, to help reduce road congestion and improve navigation. They can also direct drivers to the nearest open parking spot and turn on the heat and stereo system before arriving home.

The possibilities are exciting and limited only by our ability to securely manage wireless service plans for the long life of vehicles and smart city solutions. But, as of now, updating connected car systems is costly and time-consuming, requiring a visit to a dealership to change electronic components embedded under the dashboard.

Q 1

What is the main point of first paragraph?

Q 2

What is the main point of second paragraph?

Q 3

Which of the following could most likely be the title of the passage?

Q 4

What is the next point the author would most likely talk about if the passage were to be continued?

Q 5

What is the central idea of the passage?

# Name Overall Score
1 Ankit Sethia 15
4 Sumeet Kumar 15
5 Rithvick Rathore 15
6 Tarangini Shrivastava 15
7 Lona Dsouza 15
8 Devendra Santani 15
9 Faizan Siddique 15
10 Pranjali Tripathi 15

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