Profit, Loss and Interest Test 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

If the price of a product decreased by 25% and the sales of the product increased by 30%, what is the change in the revenue of the product?

Q 2

A shopkeeper sells two shirts for Rs. 100 each, one at a loss of 5% and another at a gain of 5%. What is the overall profit or loss of the shopkeeper from the two sales?

Q 3

A trader announced an end-of-season sale on his goods and gave and across the store discount of 20% on the marked price. However, before the day of the sale, he hiked the marked price of all items by 10%. If the cost price at which the trader bought each item was 90% of the original marked price, what was his net profit/loss?

Q 4

Ramesh bought some articles at a price which was 10% lower than its marked price. He then sold 50% of the articles at a price 10% above the marked price. After this he sold the next 25% articles at a price which was 20% lower than the marked price. If Ramesh wants to earn a profit of 10% in the entire transaction than at what price should he sell the remaining 25% articles?

Q 5

Rs. 5000 was invested at 8%p.a simple interest for a period of N years. How much more money should be invested for N years at a simple interest of 14% p.a for the overall interest to be 10% p.a for N years

# Name Overall Score
1 Abhilash Ajmera 15
2 varun singhal 15
3 Soumya Yadav 15
4 debnita 15
5 Rohit Roy 15
6 Sai kota 15
7 Sandip Binani 15
8 Vaishu Naidu 15
10 Shubham B 15

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