Para Jumbles Test 2


The following sentences when arranged properly make a coherent passage. Choose the option which represents the most logical arrangement.

Q 1

A) Everybody was familiar with the lineaments of their countenances, and even with every peculiarity of their dress.

B) In the early decades of the nineteenth century the two most prominent figures in English literature were Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron.

C) Their busts or pictures were in every cultivated family and in almost every shop-window.

D) They are still read and admired, especially Scott; but it is not easy to understand the enormous popularity of these two men in their own day.

Q 2

A) Even from a purely scientific point of view, there is no denying that this music exists.

B) This unison of sound forms the great music of the spheres, which the poets and philosophers have written so much about.

C) Aviators tell us that when they listen from a distance to the myriads of noises and sounds that arise over a great city, these are all apparently lost in a modulated hum precisely like the vibrations of an immense tuning- fork, and appearing as but a single tone.

D) The great thinkers of the age believe that the world is one marvelous blending of innumerable and varied voices.

Q 3

A) It will greatly surprise the novice to learn of the great amount of underwater insect life present in any stream.

B) Together with minnows, crawfish, etc., they represent about ninety percent of the trout's regular diet.

C) Nymphs are larvae of all aquatic insects.

D) Next time you go fishing, hold your landing net close to the bottom, in a foot or so of fast water.

E) Considering this fact, it is obvious that nymphs will take trout throughout the entire season.

Q 4

A) Others have been disfigured by "restorations."

B) Rome, according to an old saying, contains as many churches as there are days in the year.

C) A great many have disappeared since the first institution and are known only from ruins, or inscriptions and chronicles.

D) Without denying the fact that our sacred buildings excel in quantity rather than quality, there is no doubt that as a whole they form the best artistic and historic collection in the world.


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 5

The following sentences when properly arranged form a coherent paragraph. In the answer box, type the sequence of numbers for the rearranged sentences.
1:These are some of the common questions that we often encounter after switching on our television sets.
2:Moreover in social networking sites, people are creating community pages to discuss these issues. The really critical aspect of Indian public education system is its low quality.
3:A common feature in all government schools is the poor quality of education, with poor infrastructure and inadequate academic attention.
4:Why is India still a developing country and not a developed country? What is stopping it from being a developed country?
5:The actual load of schooling that children experience and the quality of teaching that they receive are extremely insufficient in Government schools.

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1 anjali singh 15
2 Gokul 15
3 Vidhi Talwar 15
4 Soumik Dey 12
5 Akshay Bang 12
6 simran bhatia 12
7 Shahid 12
8 peddi 12
9 pardhu parimi 11

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