Para Completion and Summary Test 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Degrees are worthy tools in which we can use to advance our future goals, and produce results from the degree once earned. If you don’t have goals, motive, direction, intentions, will, and honesty to advance your education, probably you will pay thousands of dollars for degrees that will get you nowhere.
Which of the following summarizes the main point of the paragraph ?

Q 2

Summarize the following paragraph:

Although William Barber’s body of work has been considered inconsistent and uninspired by some, there is no doubt that he was one of the most influential and prolific pattern designers in the history of the US Mint. In addition, his fame may have only been increased by some of his poorer productions. For example, the newly-created twenty-cent piece Barber designed (1875-1878) was immediately unpopular, due to its similarity in design and size to the Liberty Seated quarter then in circulation. After a large run in the coin’s first year, production dropped to practically nothing; only extremely rare proofs from the mintage of 1877 and 1878 are extant. In addition, many of the coins that were minted were melted down at the Carson City or Philadelphia mints due to the lack of public interest. This curiosity factor, combined with the rarity of this specimen, makes the Liberty Seated quarter highly popular among numismatists, ensuring that his name and the fine examples of his work will be discussed for many years to come.

by: David Kielek

Q 3

Summarize the following paragraph:

The largest library in disorder is not so useful as a smaller but orderly one; in the same way the greatest amount of knowledge, if it has not been worked out in one's own mind, is of less value than a much smaller amount that has been fully considered. For it is only when a man combines what he knows from all sides, and compares one truth with another, that he completely realises his own knowledge and gets it into his power. A man can only think over what he knows, therefore he should learn something; but a man only knows what he has pondered.

Q 4

Summarize the following paragraph:

“Subjectivity”, which is an error of style in German literature, is, through the deteriorated condition of literature and neglect of old languages, becoming more common. By “subjectivity” I mean when a writer thinks it sufficient for himself to know what he means and wants to say, and it is left to the reader to discover what is meant. Without troubling himself about his reader, he writes as if he were holding a monologue; whereas it should be a dialogue, and, moreover, a dialogue in which he must express himself all the more clearly as the questions of the reader cannot be heard. And it is for this very reason that style should not be subjective but objective, and for it to be objective the words must be written in such a way as to directly compel the reader to think precisely the same as the author thought. This will only be the case when the author has borne in mind that thoughts, inasmuch as they follow the law of gravity, pass more easily from head to paper than from paper to head. Therefore the journey from paper to head must be helped by every means at his command.

Q 5

Choose the option which summarizes the passage the best.

The human race is spread all over world, from the polar regions to the tropics. The people of whom it is made up eat different kinds of food, partly according to the climate in which they live, and partly according to the kind of food which their country produces.

In hot climates; meat and fat are not much needed; but in the Arctic regions they seem to be very necessary for keeping up the heat of the body. Thus, in India, People live chiefly on different kinds of grains, eggs, milk, or sometimes fish and meat. In Europe people eat more meat and less gain. In the Arctic regions, where no grains and fruits are produced, the Eskimo and others races live almost entirely on meat and fish.

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1 Manisha Yadav 15
2 Manali 15
3 Nischay Bhadoria 15
4 Student 528 15
5 harsh gupta 15
6 Siddham shah 15
7 Sahil Sareen 15
8 Srijani Bhattacharjee 15
9 ssd 15
10 Archisman Saha 15

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