Para Completion and Summary Test 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Select the sentence that completes the following paragraph in the most logical way.

Democrats are incredibly inept at putting together an argument that has a political impact on major issues. That Republicans have controlled the values issue is obvious. Republicans dominate the media, public discourse and critical mass in their favor as a party of values. ______.

by: Jay Slosar

Q 2

Summarize the following paragraph:

Rochefoucauld says that love may be compared to a ghost since it is something we talk about but have never seen, and Lichtenberg, in his essay “Ueber die Macht der Liebe”, disputes and denies its reality and naturalness--but both are in the wrong. For if it were foreign to and contradicted human nature - in other words, if it were merely an imaginary caricature, it would not have been depicted with such zeal by the poets of all ages, or accepted by mankind with an unaltered interest; for anything artistically beautiful cannot exist without truth.

Q 3

In many cases in physics, one has to deal simultaneously with collective and single-particle excitations of the system. The collective excitations are usually bosonic in nature while the single-particle excitations are often fermionic. One is therefore led to consider a system which includes bosons and fermions. Hence, ________

Which of the following options is most likely to follow the paragraph given above?

Q 4

Read the following paragraph carefully and choose the appropriate summary.

A stimulus is anything within or without the body that arouses awareness; and this is usually evidenced by some physical change, however slight—perhaps only by dilated pupils or an expression of relief. When we see the reaction of the body to the stimulus we know there is consciousness. On the other hand, we cannot say that consciousness is always absent when the usual response does not occur; for there may be injury to organs accounting for the lack of visible reaction, while the mind itself may respond.
Q 5

Choose the most appropriate summary for the following paragraph.

As to the comparisons between arithmetic and philosophy, chemistry and philosophy, etc., they rest wholly upon a false parallel, and involve a total failure to comprehend the nature of philosophic truth, and its fundamental difference from arithmetical, chemical, or physical truth. If Eratosthenes thought the circumference of the earth to be so much, whereas it has now been discovered to be so much, then the later correct view simply cancels and renders nugatory the older view. The one is correct, the other incorrect. We can ignore and forget the incorrect view altogether. But the development of philosophy proceeds on quite other principles. Philosophical truth is no sum in arithmetic to be totted up so that the answer is thus formally and finally correct or incorrect. Rather, the philosophical truth unfolds itself, factor by factor, in time, in the successive systems of philosophy, and it is only in the complete series that the complete truth is to be found. The system of Aristotle does not simply cancel and refute that of Plato. Spinoza does not simply abolish Descartes. Aristotle completes Plato, as his necessary complement. Spinoza does the same for Descartes.

# Name Overall Score
1 prarthana vaidya 15
2 vaivaswat tiwari 15
3 Abhishek Anshu Das 15
4 varsha dhar 15
5 Shashwat Dash 15
6 vaibhav 15
7 Susmita Maitra 15
8 sing zindagi 15
9 karthik 10 15
10 Heena Rahangdale 15

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