Logical Reasoning Test 1


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions which follow.

In an Australian open tournament, the top 32 players of the world participate. These are seeded as 1 to 32 based on their likelihood of winning the tournament with seed 1 being the most likely person to win the tournament.
An upset is said to have occurred when a low seeded player defeats a player who is seeded higher than him.  For example, a player seeded 12 beating a player seeded 9 is an upset.
In the first match, seed 1 is scheduled to play against seed 32,
In the second match seed 2 is scheduled to play against seed 31 and so on till seed 16 playing seed 17 in 16th match. The teams losing their matches are knocked out of the tournament while winners advance to the next round. There are no ties in the tournament.
In the second round, the winner of match no. 1 plays against the winner of match no. 16, winner of match no. 2 plays against the winner of match no. 15 and so on.
The same process is repeated in each of the subsequent rounds till the last round.
The person winning the last round is crowned as the champion.

Q 1

If the player seeded 17 causes the upsets in his first two matches, then against whom will he play his 3rd round match? (No other player causes any upset)

Q 2

How many matches are played in the tournament?

Q 3

Had the total number of teams in the tournament been 43, how many byes would have been required if all the byes had to be given in the first round?

Q 4

If there are a total of 4 upsets in the tournament, then who is lowest seeded player who can win the tournament?

Q 5

What is the minimum number of upsets by the player seeded 7th such that he won the tournament?

# Name Overall Score
1 Devendra Santani 15
2 Pranita B 15
3 Venkat Prattipati 15
4 Sai kota 15
5 Utkarsh Bhardwaj 15
6 Godfrey Prince 15
7 anjali singh 15
8 Sai Varun 15
9 Shankhalika Sarkar 15
10 Shashank Shekhar 15

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