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When we talk of placements, it is very tough to beat IIMs. Because getting into these institutes is a tough task in itself, the quality of the crowd is immaculate. Therefore, since the crowd quality is so high - the companies that these institutes attract are of the highest quality.

Graduates from top IIMs can get an average CTC of around 35 LPA. Which means, if you are a 24 year-old with a couple of years of work experience, you can expect a CTC of around 40LPA by the age of 26! A large chunk of people struggle to earn that sort of money even towards the end of their career.

Placements at Tier-1 Colleges

Getting into these colleges is a tough task. Aside from consistency and work-experience, an acceptance into such colleges require a great deal of luck. Even more difficult is getting a good placement when you are in such colleges.

Name Exam Accepted Average CTC Cutoff
IIM Ahmedabad CAT 32.8 LPA 99.4+
IIM Bangalore CAT 35.3LPA 99.5+
IIM Calcutta CAT 34.2LPA 99.7+
XLRI XAT 32.7LPA 95+
FMS CAT 34.1LPA 99.5+

IIM Visakhapatnam Placements 2024

IIM V, popularly known as the - "sunrise IIM" - is an NIRF #29 institute. Located in the vibrant coastal city of Visakhapatnam, the institute enjoys a strategic advantage, blending academic rigor with a refreshing ambiance. Its modern campus infrastructure caters to the needs of students.

The faculty with their rich expertise and scholarly contributions, faculty members not only deliver high-quality education but also engage in cutting-edge research and consultancy projects. The institute proudly showcases its 9:1 student-faculty ratio.

According to media reports, IIM Visakhapatnam has recorded 100% placements during the 2023-24 placement season. Additionally, the highest and average package offered during IIM Visakhapatnam placements 2024 stood at INR 43.25 LPA and INR 15.64 LPA.

Despite the worldwide recession, the Institute maintained its 100% placement record.

Category Package in 2024
Average CTC 15.64 LPA
Highest CTC 43.25 LPA
Top 10% Average 28.6 LPA
Top 25% Average 24.62 LPA

IIM Visakhapatnam Placements 2023

The average package for students with job experience was Rs.18.32 Lakhs, up 10.29% from last year. The median package was Rs.16.61 Lakhs, up 3.5% from the previous year.

Students with Work Experience 18.32 LPA -
Overall Batch 16.61 LPA 10.29% (increase)
Median Salary 16 LPA 3.5% (increase)

However, reader should be aware that these are mere media reports, the details presented in this article have been taken from:

  1. The Official Final Placement Report 2021-23
  2. The Official Summer Placement Report 2022-24

IIM Visakhapatnam Average Package 2023

Highest CTC 32.65 L
Average CTC 16.61 L
Average CTC of Top 10% 29.03 L
Average CTC of Top 25% 23.63 L
Average CTC of Top 50% 20.24 L

Something different about IIM Vishakhapatnam is that their batch size mostly comprises freshers.


IIM Visakhapatnam Placements Domain Highlights:

1.Strategy and Consulting

17.5 % of the batch opted for Consulting & Strategy roles, and notable
roles offered were Business Consultant, Consultant - Tech Enablement, Consultant - Technology Risk.

Top Recruiters for Strategy and Consulting:

2. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Around 38.9 % of the batch opted for the BFSI domain roles. Focusing on the Industry
trends, IIM Visakhapatnam witnessed a significant increase compared to past years in BFSI domain placements.
Top Recruiters in the BFSI space:

3. Marketing

The marketing domain was opted by 21.6 % of the batch. Most sought-after and evergreen roles offered in this domain include Product Management, Product Marketing, Key Account
Management, Brand Marketing.

4. General Management, Operations and HR

Various companies offered prominent roles at IIM Visakhapatnam this year. These include Leadership Trainee, Business Strategy, HR Associate, Operations & Supply Chain Associate, Management Trainee, Human Capital: HR Transformation, Human Capital Consulting.

Key Recruiters in the General Management,
Operations and HR[/caption]

5. IT & Analytics

Notable and modernistic profiles were offered at IIM Visakhapatnam, including Program Management, Product Management, Business Analyst, IT Data & Analytics Consultant, Technology, Business Analyst, Digital Journey Owner, IT Transformation, and Healthcare Analytics.

Summer Internship at IIM Vishakhapatnam

Summer internships are an essential component of the MBA programme, allowing students to get real-world experience, apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, and explore career options. During the summer vacation between the first and second years of the MBA programme, students often complete internships lasting 8 to 12 weeks. Internships are an important bridge between academic learning and professional practice, allowing students to hone their abilities, broaden their networks, and make informed career decisions.

Internships are an essential indicator of the expected placements at these colleges. The report for IIM V seems satisfactory and shows the resilience of the college. The fact that a college can attract high paying summer stipends even during such a recession is commendable!

Highest Stipend 2,50,000
Average Stipend 79,880
Median Stipend 70,000


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is IIM Visakhapatnam worth joining?

An IIM- tag adds a lot of brand value to the CV. Aside from this, IIM V attracts high profile companies with high paying jobs to the students, as shown in the article above. While the decision to join is subjective, it is a considerable option.

2. What is the placement record for IIM Visakhapatnam?

Much like last year, this year's placement drive also showcased 100% placement for IIM V. Further, there was a substantial increase in the amount offered by companies. If media reports are to be believed, the summer placement offerings at IIM V have increased significantly for year ending 2024.

3. Is IIM Visakhapatnam baby IIM?

IIMs are categorized based on the year of their establishment. Naturally, the older the IIM, higher the importance it is given. IIMs established after 2011 are dubbed as "baby IIMs" - IIM Vishakhapatnam form a part of this club.


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