Data Sufficiency


According to us these are the trickiest questions in Quant so proceed with caution. Most often committed mistake in Data Sufficiency is assuming data that was not mentioned in the question. For eg, assuming the relationship mentioned in statement 1 while solving for statement 2. As mentioned in tips, you do not have to solve the problem to get an answer. All you need to make sure is that a unique answer exists and is derivable from the equation given.

  • Assume each condition individually when testing the first two options. Do not use conclusions drawn from using one statement with the other.
  • If you realize that the problem can be solved to give a UNIQUE solution do not continue solving it.
  • Sometimes the information given may look like it is enough to solve a problem. For eg, two linear equations with two variables. In such a case check that the equations are not inconsistent or do not give infinitely many answers.

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