Logical Reasoning


LR is one of the most scoring sections in CAT and is especially important for students who are not very comfortable in other sections of Verbal Ability.

  • Pick the right set: In a set in LR, a student either gets all questions right or all questions wrong. So, choosing the right sets is very important. At the end of fifteen-twenty minutes, a student will either solve five questions right or get no question right. Hence, the stakes are very high in LR.
  • No silly mistakes: Silly mistakes prove very costly in CAT, more so in the LR section of CAT. As mentioned above, a student either gets all questions right or all questions wrong. One silly mistake and a score of +15 becomes a score of -5.
  • Attention to detail: Paying attention to detail is of paramount importance in this section. One small detail is the difference between a valid answer and a 'Can't be determined' answer.
  • Diagrams, Tables and Graphs: Many questions become clearer if a student learns how to represent the situation in a diagram or a table or graph. Questions like blood relations, seating arrangements etc will become far more straight-forward if a student represents the data in a pictorial form.
  • Important words to look out for: Words like None, Only, All, Some give valuable clues which will help in solving the LR faster and avoid the time consuming approach of listing down all the alternatives. Special attention should be paid to statements containing these words.

How to improve in LR:

There is no simple or straight forward way to improve in LRs. But a few methods can be followed to improve the performance.

  • Improving the ability to represent the data given in the question in a pictorial or tabular form. This will help in improving the speed of discerning the information given in the passage
  • Attempting as many questions as possible from Mock CATs and other sources of questions. Practice will make you perfect
  • Solving puzzle based games like sudokus, crosswords, etc

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