XAT Score vs Percentile 2024 (Overall, QADI, DM & VALR)

XAT score Vs Percentile 2024

XAT Score vs Percentile 2024

XAT 2024 will be conducted in 7th January 2024, and the results will be coming in the last week of January or the first week of February. XAT is going to be conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur once every year. Remember that the following data is only for reference and may differ on D-day. The previous year’s data may not exactly give the exact XAT 2024 score vs percentile you aim as it depends on difficulty level and other students performance, so prepare accordingly.

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XAT 2024 Marks vs Percentile Section-wise & Overall

Percentile QA & DI DM VALR Overall
99 19.00 13.5 16.00 45.00
97 15.75 12.00 15.00 38.00
95 13.25 10.00 13.00 36.50
90 11.25 9.00 11.50 33.00
85 10.00 8.55 9.25 29.50
80 8.50 8.25 8.50 27.50

XAT Cut Offs For BM

2021 2022 2023
Male 94 93 95
Female 92 90 93

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XAT 2024 Cut Off For HR

2021 2022 2023
Male Engineer 93 92 93
Female Engineer 90 90 91
Male Non-Engineer 90 90 91
Female Non-Engineer 87 87 87


Determing Factors of XAT Cut off 

The XAT cutoff for 2023 will vary between male and female candidates, as well as among candidates with engineering and non-engineering backgrounds, as stated by XLRI.

Before releasing the XAT 2023 cutoff scores, XLRI will assess several criteria. Following the disclosure of the XAT results, an analysis of factors and determinants will be conducted to establish the final cutoff for XAT 2023. The factors outlined below will aid in determining both the sectional and overall cutoffs for admission to XLRI through XAT.

Several factors influence the XAT 2023 cutoff. A more significant number of applicants would raise the threshold for XAT 2023.

The difficulty level of the XAT 2023 questions plays a crucial role; a higher difficulty level may result in a lower cutoff. Complexity is a significant determinant when setting the XAT 2023 cutoff.

Additionally, seat availability impacts the sectional cutoff. If the seats available exceed the number of applications, the XAT 2023 cutoff tends to be lower. Conversely, more candidates and limited seats may elevate the XAT 2023 cutoff.


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