Expected Topic wise Weightage in CAT 2019 | Most Important Topics

Expected Topic-Wise weightage in CAT Exam
Expected Topic-Wise weightage in CAT Exam

This is the expected topic wise weightage for CAT 2019, the most important topics for CAT exam. The CAT 2019 exam is scheduled to be conducted on 24th Nov, 2019. Candidates are required to put more emphasis on the high weightage and important topics. Whatever may be the level of your preparation, take a free mock test for CAT today to know how the actual CAT exam paper will be like. Practice from previous CAT question papers to get good understanding.

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The Important Points to remember for CAT 2019 Exam pattern are:

  1. CAT 2019 will be online exam.
  2. On Screen Calculator will be provided.
  3. The exam will be of 3 hours and there will be 3 Sections in CAT (Verbal, Quant and DI-LR)
  4. Each section will have different weightage and will be of 1 hour duration and each topic will also have different weightage.
  5. The Questions inside each Section can be interposed (mixed).
  6. VA section will have around 34 questions
  7. DI-LR Section will have around 32 Questions
  8. QA section will have around 34 Questions.
  9. Correct answer will fetch you 3 marks and wrong answer will deduce 1 mark. However, there will be no negative answer for TITA (Type-in-the-answer) Questions.
  10. It is expected that there will be more TITA questions in CAT.

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Expected Topic wise Weightage in CAT 2019:

Topic wise Weightage for VA section in CAT 2019:

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Section will have around 34 Questions and RC will have Heavy weightage and is the most important topic in this section.

Topic Expected Weightage (Questions)
Reading Comprehension (RC) 24Q (4 to 5 RC’s with 3-6 Questions for each RC)
Parajumbles 4Q (TITA)
Para Summary 3Q
Odd one out 3Q


Download PDF: Most Expected VARC Questions for CAT

Topic wise Weightage for DI-LR section in CAT 2019:

Arrangements, GroupingPuzzles and Games and Tournaments  are the high weightage topics in LR section. Cube questions for CAT will be also asked sometimes.

Calculations based questions will be the mostly asked questions in DI section.

Topic Expected weightage (Questions)
Data Interpretation 16Q (4 Sets – 4 Questions from each set)
Logical reasoning 16Q (4 Sets – 4 Questions from each set)


Download PDF: Most Expected LR Questions for CAT

Download PDF: Most Expected DI Questions for CAT

Topic wise Weightage for QA (Quant) section in CAT 2019:

The topics covered in Quant are huge, but this topics will be very useful to solve some DI-LR Questions.

Topic Expected Weightage (Questions)
Divisibility, Remainder Theorems, LCM-HCF 0-2 Q
Number Systems and related questions 2-4 Q
Linear Equations 0-2 Q
Quadratic Equations 0-2 Q
Polynomial Equations 0-2 Q
Inequalities 0-2 Q
Profit, Loss and Interest 3-5 Q
Ratio, Proportions and Mixtures 3-6 Q
Time, Speed, Distance and Work 3-6 Q
Geometry 6-8 Q
Venn diagrams 1-3 Q
Functions and Graphs 1-3 Q
Probability and Combinatorics (P&C) 1-3 Q
Progressions and Series 3-5 Q
Data Sufficiency 0-2 Q
Logarithms 0-1 Q


Download PDF: CAT Quant Formulas

Download PDF: Most Expected Quant Questions for CAT

Geometry is one of the high weightage topics and in that Triangles, Circles, Quadrilaterals and Mensuration are very important.

Note that all the information given here is only expected one and the actual CAT 2019 exam may vary.

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