IIM Calcutta Cut-off 2023 [Required CAT Percentile For Shortlisting]

IIM Calcutta Cut off 2023

At IIM Calcutta, many students aim to get into the MBA program, but they must meet the CAT cut-off requirements to be eligible. Let’s explore together the IIM Calcutta Cut-off 2023 and what factors influence the selection process. If you want to join the MBA course at IIM Calcutta in 2023, they will consider your CAT scores, academics, the Written Ability Test (WAT), and Personal Interview (PI) for admission. For General category students, the expected CAT cutoff percentile at IIM Calcutta is around 98 to 99. In this article, we will provide you with the CAT cut-offs for all categories based on last year’s trends to help you get shortlisted for the MBA program at IIM Calcutta.

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IIM Calcutta CAT 2023 Cut-off (Expected) & Admission Process

The selection process for the two-year Postgraduate Programme at IIM Calcutta consists of three stages. In the initial stage, candidates are shortlisted for a personal interview based on their CAT scores and academic records.

Stage 1: Minimum CAT percentile cut-offs to be considered for PI and WAT

In the first stage (Stage 1), candidates who have achieved the required minimum percentile scores in both individual sections and overall in the CAT exam, as mentioned in the table below, will be shortlisted for the next stage (Stage 2). However, they must also obtain non-negative raw scores in all sections of CAT to proceed further.

Category VARC Percentile DILR Percentile QA Percentile Overall Percentile
OPEN ≥80 ≥80 ≥75 ≥85
NC-OBC ≥70 ≥65 ≥65 ≥75
EWS ≥70 ≥65 ≥65 ≥75
SC ≥65 ≥60 ≥60 ≥70
ST ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥65
PwD ≥45 ≥45 ≥45 ≥55

Note: Please remember that the actual cut-off percentiles for each section and overall might be higher than the minimum percentiles stated above. The specific cut-offs will depend on the number of candidates selected for the personal interview (PI) in each category. This is a pre-interview registration process and not the call for the interview.

Stage 2: Shortlisting for PI and WAT

Candidates who fulfil the requirements of Stage 1 will be selected for the Personal Interview (PI) and Writing Ability Test (WAT). The selection will be based on a composite score, calculated using the parameters and their respective weights as given below.

Here are the parameters considered and the composite scores for PI and WAT
Parameters Weightage Method of calculation
CAT Score* 56 (A/B) x 56
Class 10 marks 10 As per Table 3 below
Class 12 marks 15 As per Table 3 below
Gender Diversity Factor 4 4 points will be awarded to female and transgender candidates only.
Total 85

*A = Candidate’s CAT exam Total Overall Scaled Score & B = Maximum possible CAT exam Total Overall Scaled Score

Points for marks secured in Class 10 and Class 12
Class 10 Marks (in %) Points Class 12 Marks (in %) Points
≥80 10 ≥80 15
≥75 and <80 8 ≥75 and <80 12
≥70 and <75 6 ≥70 and <75 9
≥65 and <70 4 ≥65 and <70 6
≥60 and <65 2 ≥60 and <65 3
<60 0 <60 0

After calculating the composite scores, the Institute will set specific cut-off scores for shortlisting candidates in each category for Stage 2 of the selection process. The number of candidates shortlisted for the PI and WAT will depend on the size of the incoming batch and will be decided solely by the Institute.

Stage 3: Criteria for Final Selection for the MBA Programme

For candidates who have completed the PI and WAT, a final composite score will be determined using the factors and weights listed in the below table. This composite score will be used to create the merit list for each category.

Parameters and weights for final selection for the MBA Programme
Parameters  Weightage
CAT Score 30
Personal Interview (PI) 48
Writing Ability Test (WAT) 08
Points awarded for Academic Diversity at Bachelor’s and Master’s level for non-engineering degrees and professional qualifications as per Table 5. 06
Work Experience (as per the formula provided in the section on Work Experience) 08
Total 100
Academic Diversity

Based on the category they belong to, candidates will be awarded points for academic diversity as indicated in the table below. These categories are designed to be distinct and cover all possibilities.

Category ID Academic Category Points
1 Bachelor’s degree in engineering stream OR Master’s degree in engineering stream OR Integrated Master’s degree in engineering stream 0
2 Bachelor’s degree in the non-engineering stream 4
3 Dual bachelor’s degree in Law (e.g. BA LLB, BSc. LLB, B.Com LLB, BBA LLB). 5
4 Bachelor’s degree in engineering stream and Masters in non-engineering stream 2
5 Bachelor’s degree in non-engineering stream and Master in non-engineering stream 5
6 Dual/Integrated degree where bachelor is non-engineering and master is in non-engineering stream 5
7 Dual/Integrated degree where Bachelor in engineering stream and Master is non-engineering stream 1
8 CA/ICWA/CS or Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India (FIAI) without having a bachelor’s degree. 5
9 CA/ICWA/CS or Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India (FIAI) with a bachelor’s degree. 6
10 CA/ICWA/CS or Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India (FIAI) with or without a bachelor’s degree and with a master’s in the non-engineering stream. 6
11 Integrated bachelor’s degree in Law and Master’s in the non-engineering stream. 6
Work Experience

Candidates can score a maximum of eight points for their work experience, calculated based on the number of months of service (x) completed, using the following formula:

Work experience calculating formula

The candidates who make it to the final selection list will be chosen based on their merit in each category. Simply meeting the minimum eligibility criteria for any stage or criterion mentioned above won’t guarantee admission to IIM Calcutta. If a candidate is found to have provided false information, their application will be disqualified, and further actions will be decided by IIM Calcutta.

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IIM Calcutta CAT Cut-offs (2022 & 2021)

IIM Calcutta Cut-offs 2022

Here are the cut-off scores for IIM Calcutta, which include CAT 2022 (overall & sectional) scores.

Category QA percentile DILR percentile VARC percentile Overall percentile
General ≥75 ≥80 ≥80 ≥85
NC-OBC ≥65 ≥65 ≥70 ≥75
EWS ≥65 ≥65 ≥70 ≥75
SC ≥60 ≥60 ≥65 ≥70
ST ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥65
PWD ≥55 ≥55 ≥55 ≥65

IIM Calcutta Cut offs 2021

Here are the cut-off scores for IIM Calcutta, which include CAT 2021 (overall & sectional) scores.

Category QA percentile DILR percentile VARC percentile Overall percentile
General 75 80 80 85
NC-OBC 65 65 70 75
EWS 65 65 70 75
SC 60 60 65 70
ST 55 55 55 65
PWD 55 55 55 65

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