Permutations and Combinations formulas for CAT PDF


    This Permutations and combinations formulas for CAT PDF will be very much helpful for CAT aspirants as significant number of questions are asked every year on this topic. Solve as many questions as you can, from permutations and combination, that you will start to see that all of them are generally variations of the same few themes that are listed in this formula sheet. Have a look at various questions given in this topic in CAT previous papers

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    Outline of various things covered in this PDF

    • Factorial formulas
    • Definition of Arrangement, Permutation and Combination
    • Number of ways of selection
    • Number of ways of partition
    • Arrangement with repetitions
    • Rank of a word
    • Number of Integral solutions
    • Number of ways of circular arrangement
    • Number of ways of Derangement
    • Various tips and tricks on permutations and combinations

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