Answer these questions based on the graph given below. The graph shows the net receipts (shaded) and mortgage advances (unshaded) from December 2000 to April 2001 for a building society in Rs. lakh.

Question 96

Assume that, by the end of May 2001, the building society net receipts and mortgage advances had fallen by 50% and 25% respectively, compared to the figures for April 2001. What would the building society turnover (obtained by adding net receipts to mortgage advances) have been for May 2001 in Rs. lakh?


Net receipts (in Rs. lakhs) for May 2001 = $$\frac{50}{100}\times3400=1700$$

Advances (in Rs. lakhs) for May 2001 = $$\frac{75}{100}\times1000=750$$

Total turnover (in Rs. lakhs) = $$1700+750=2450\approx2400$$

=> Ans - (C)

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