Study the table to answer these questions.

Table - Number of cancer cases over two years for selected countries.

All countries that have reported more than five hundred cancer to the WHO in 2007 are listed here. The left column gives the total number of cases reported by each country for 2006, the middle column gives the 2006 rate (cancer cases per 10,000 population) and the last column shows the number of cases reported in early 2007.

Most of the 2007 reports were for only the first quarter of the year. Owing to reporting delays of six months or more, cases reported in 2007 actually were diagnosed in 2006.

Question 94

Which country has reported the second highest number of cancer cases to WHO during 2006?


Number of cases reported in 2006:

From top to bottom:

AG = 21,861

N = 1862

F = 1365

U = 896

So, N has second highest number of cases reported in 2006.

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