Question 85

Identify the correct order of the following statements to make a coherent paragraph.
A. The massive digital divide in education means great hindrance to the
development of the underdeveloped world since they won’t be capable of inventing
new technologies and conducting researches aimed at promoting the living standards of inhabitants.
B. Also, the developing countries seek more donations to bridge the digital divide.
C. By acquiring knowledge, one gets capacitated to face life situations and provide solutions in promoting the development of a country.
D. Furthermore, the digital divide in education encourages the dependence syndrome; one will subscribe to unproven ideologies since they lack a mechanism of creating or scrutinizing.
E. Education should be liberating and is often seen as a standardizing factor in life.


E-C forms a pair since E introduces the idea of education and C further explains the benefits of education and knowledge.

Similarly, A-D forms a pair since A mentions the digital divide in education and D further explains the situation.

E is the best choice for the opening statement of the sequence as it introduces the main point of focus of the paragraph.

Hence, the answer is option A and the required sequence is E-C-A-D-B.

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