Question 80

Read the following information and answer the question based on it.
The medicines would not work. The medical staff had already deprioritised visits to this room filled with patients. These were ones with high mortality chances. They had many other pre-existing conditions that were affected by this virus strain. The relatives had been told to not come in or visit. The morale was low in the room. It was all a waiting game. Caring for these patients was physically taxing and emotionally draining, but the nurses would not give up.
Identify which of the given options can be inferred from the passage.


Options B and C are not mentioned anywhere in the passage and thus, can be eliminated.

Option D states that all the people who had caught the virus were likely to die, whereas the passage talks about people who had pre-existing conditions and caught the virus. Hence, D is also eliminated.

Option A states that the patients are roomed together based on their survival chances which we can infer by the fact that the people with high mortality rates were roomed together.

Hence, the answer is option A.

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