XAT 2020 Question 8

Question 8

Read the following paragraph and answer the question that follows:

“People who work in law, hotel and food services, and technology were found the most likely to skip breakfast daily, according to a recent study. As for people who do eat breakfast and prefer a savoury type (like an egg), the study found they tend to make more money, be night owls and prefer cats over dogs. If you prefer a sweet breakfast like a donut you tend to be a morning person, like romcoms and are a dog person”.

Which of the following can be BEST inferred based on the above paragraph?


While comparing any two cases, the parameters should be comparable as per the given statements. Option B is incorrect as savoury (salty or spicy) breakfast cannot be compared with early breakfast. Similarly, C is wrong as there is no correlation between being making more money and their tendency to eat breakfast regularly. As for option D, in the passage, it is stated that people who prefer sweet breakfast tend to be an early riser and not the other way around, hence incorrect. As far as E is concerned again, there is no mention of preference of pet being a direct result of the choice of food. In option A all the relations are directly mentioned in the passage and hence is the right option.

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