Question 59

The following sentences when arranged in the proper order form a coherent paragraph. Find the correct order.

1. With that, I swallowed the shampoo, and obtained most realistic results almost on the spot.

2. The man shuffled away into the back regions to make up a prescription, and after a moment I got through on the shop-telephone to the Consulate, intimating my location.

3. Then, while the pharmacist was wrapping up a six-ounce bottle of the mixture, I groaned and inquired whether he could give me something for acute gastric cramp.

4. I intended to stage a sharp gastric attack, and entering an old-fashioned pharmacy, I asked for a popular shampoo mixture, consisting of olive oil and flaked soap.

Correct Answer: 4321


A, B and C cannot be the first sentence of the paragraph because of the pronouns and the situational phrases(of the situations that are not described yet) used=> D is the opening sentence of the paragraph.

As a result of the author asking for a shampoo mixture, the pharmcist wrapped a six-ounce bottle. The idea is continued in sentence C => C follows D.

As a result of the author asking for something for acute gastric cramp, the pharmacist shuffled away into the back regions. => B follows C.

Hence, DCBA is the answer.

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