Question 43

Direction: A number of sentences are given below which, when properly sequenced, form a COHERENT PARAGRAPH. Choose the most LOGICAL ORDERofsentences from the choices given to construct a COHERENT PARAGRAPH.
A. You may create a visual memory that you can retrace, but physically you cannot experience it again.
B. Now is the only time you have.
C. Nothing is more valuable than the present moment because you can never get it back.
D. Once your past is gone, it doesn’t exist, no matter how many times you recreate it mentally.
E. The future hasn’t even arrived; but again, you keep taking yourself there mentally.
F. Tomorrow comes disguised as today and some of us don’t even notice.



Among the options, only BDEFCA makes a coherent paragraph.

B introduces the topic by saying that the only time we have got is now.

D takes the discussion further by talking about the past.

E then talks about the future thus shifting the discussion towards the things to come.

F furthers the discussion about the future.

C brings the point back to the importance of the present moment.

And finally, A gives more context to the thought mentioned in C.

Hence, the answer is option D.

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