Question 2

Tanzeem spent 1/5 of his salary on his friends, 1/10 of his salary on accommodation and 1/4 of his salary on savings. If he has Rs. 1800 left in his wallet, then Find his total expenditure on accommodation and savings.


Let total salary = Rs. $$20x$$

Amount spent on friends = $$\frac{1}{5}\times20x=Rs.$$ $$4x$$

Amount spent on accommodation = $$\frac{1}{10}\times20x=Rs.$$ $$2x$$

Amount in savings = $$\frac{1}{4}\times20x=Rs.$$ $$5x$$

=> Amount left = $$20x-(4x+2x+5x)=1800$$

=> $$20x-11x=9x=1800$$

=> $$x=\frac{1800}{9}=200$$

$$\therefore$$ Total expenditure on accommodation and savings = $$2x+5x=7x$$

= $$7\times200=Rs.$$ $$1,400$$

=> Ans - (B)

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