Read the following sentences and choose the option that best arranges them in a logical order.

Question 13

Choose the best option:
1. Shakespeare did not personally prepare his plays for publication, and no official collection of them appeared until after his death.
2. Some were probably based on actors’ memories of plays.
3. Many of these quartos are quite unreliable.
4. A collection of his sonnets, considered by critics to be among the best ever written in English, appeared in 1609.
5. Many individual plays were published during his lifetime in unauthorized editions known as quartos.


5-3-2 forms a logical sequence as the quatros introduced in 5 are talked about in 3 and 2.

1-4 form a logical pair 1 introduces Shakespeare's plays and 4 talks about them further.

1 is the opening line as it introduces the topic of discussion.

Hence, the required sequence is 1-4-5-3-2.

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