RPF 5 Jan 2019 Question 119

Question 119

Read the given information carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Abi, Banu, Charu, Dev and Esha are five friends sitting in a row facing North (not necessarily in the same order). All five like five different sweets namely Laddu, Burfi, Jamun, Kathli and Peda.
i) One who likes Peda sits in the middle of the row.
ii) Charu and Banu sits on the either side of the one who like Peda.
iii) Banu like Laddu and Dev doesn't sit in any of the ends.
iv) The one who likes Burfi sits third to the left of the one who likes Jamun.
v) The one who likes Jamun sit at the extreme end of the line and Abi doesn't like Jamun.

Who sits third to the right of Charu?


From the Given information, We can initially say that, Banu & Charu occupy 2nd and 4th positions. Also, Given that Dev doesn't sit on any of the ends. It clearly leads to a conclusion that Dev sits in the middle and he likes peda.

From 4th Point, "The one who likes Burfi sits third to the left of the one who likes Jamun.", We can say that the person who likes Jamun sits at the right side end as he has someone who likes burfi sitting left to him/her. We can also conclude that it would be Eesha who likes Jamun as it's given that Abi doesn't like Jamun.

Given that one who likes Burfi sits third to left of one who likes Jamun, therefore, Person in 2nd position likes Burfi and it would be Charu as given that Banu likes Laddu and Banu would be in 4th Position. 

So, we can finalize all positions and sweets liked by them. so,Answer to the given question "Who sits third to the right of Charu?" would be "one who likes Jamun" from the formed figure.

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