Study the information given below to answer these questions.
(i) There is a family of 5 persons A, B, C, D and E.
(ii) They are working as a doctor, a teacher, a trader, a lawyer and a farmer.
(iii) B, an unmarried teacher, is the daughterof A.
(iv) E, a lawyer, is the brother of C.
(v) C, is husband of the only Married couple in the Family.
(vi) A, a farmer, is a father of two sons and an unmarried daughter.
(vii) Daughter-in-law of Ais a doctor.

Question 11

Who is the doctorin the family?


From the given data, the following can be inferred about the family:
A (male, farmer) is father of B (female, teacher), E (male, lawyer), and C (male, trader)

C is married to D (female, doctor) which makes D the daughter-in-law of A and satisfies the given condition.

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