Question 10

Read the following paragraph and answer the question that follows:

Worldwide, tomato is one of the most important crops. Because this crop can be adapted for cultivation in various environments ranging from tropical to alpine regions, its cultivation area is now expanding worldwide into not so productive regions. On the other hand, traditional cultivation areas, the most favourable for tomato cultivation with warm and dry climate, are contracting. Every year, traditional cultivation areas lose 2 million hectares (ha) of land to environmental factors such as salinity, drought, and soil erosion.

Which of the following is the correct inference based on the above passage?


Tomato cultivation area is expanding worldwide into average productive lands. On the other hand, it is losing the most productive areas at a rate of almost 2 million hectors per year.

Thus, it can be inferred that the net production of tomatoes per hectare is decreasing( average productive land will produce fewer tomatoes per hectare as compared to the traditional lands).

Thus, the correct option is C.

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