SSC JE Electrical Engineering 4th March 2017 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A current is said to be alternating when it changes in _____.

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Question 2

The rms value of a sine wave is 100 A. Its peak value is _____.

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Question 3

A 50 Hz ac voltage is measured with a moving iron voltmeter and a rectifier type ac voltmeter connected in parallel. If the meter readings are V1 and V2respectively and the meters are free from calibration errors, then the form factor of the ac voltage may be estimated as _____

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Question 4

The rms value of the resultant current in a wire which carries a dc current of 10 A and a sinusoidal alternating current of peak value 20 A is _____

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Question 5

Two sinusoidal emfs are given as _____. $$e1=A\sin(\omega t+\frac{\pi}{4})$$ and $$e2=B\sin(\omega t-\frac{\pi}{6})$$. The phase difference between the two quantities, in degrees, is _____.

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Question 6

Which of the following statements pertains to resistor only?

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Question 7

The current waveform in a pure resistor of $$10Ω$$ is shown in the given figure. Power dissipated in the resistor is:-

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Question 8

Purely inductive circuit takes power from the ac mains when _____.

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Question 9

A pure capacitance connected across 50 Hz, 230 V supply consumes 0.04 W. This consumption is attributed to _____.

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Question 10

A voltage of 50sin1000t V is applied across a parallel plate capacitor with plate area of 5 cm2 and plate separation gap of 5 mm. If the dielectric material in the capacitor has ?=2?0, then the capacitor current in (Amperes) will be _____.

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