SSC JE Electrical Engineering 4th March 2017 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

For the AC circuit as shown below,if the rms voltage across the resistor is 120 V, what is the value of the inductor?

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Question 12

The R-L circuit of the figure is fed from a constant magnitude variable frequency sinusoidal voltage source v_in. At 100 Hz, the R and L element each has a voltage drop $$U_{rms}$$. If the frequency of the source is changed to 50 Hz, then new voltage drop across R is:-

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Question 13

A certain R-L series combination is connected across a 50 Hz single-phase ac supply. If the instantaneous power drawn was found to be negative for 2 milliseconds in one cycle, the power factor angle of the circuit must be _____.

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Question 14

The voltage phaser of a circuit is $$10\angle15^\circ V$$ and the current phasor is $$2 \angle -45^\circ A$$. The active and reactive powers in the circuit are _____.

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Question 15

In an RLC circuit, supplied from an ac source, the reactive power is 1) average energy stored in the electric field

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Question 16

In gases the flow of current is due to _____.

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Question 17

Ohm's law is applicable to _____.

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Question 18

Pure metals generally have _____.

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Question 19

The insulation resistance of a cable of length 10 km is $$1 MΩ$$. For a length of 100 km of same cable, the insulation resistance will be _____.

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Question 20

All the resistances in figure shown below are $$1Ω$$ each. The value of current ‘I’ is:-

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