SSC JE Civil Engineering 24th Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 171

For the construction of cement concrete floor, the maximum permissible size of aggregates is

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Question 172

Sand requiring a high water cement ratio, belongs to

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Question 173

The maximum amount of dust which may be permitted in aggregates is

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Question 174

The cement becomes useless if its absorbed moisture content exceeds

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Question 175

For concreting the surface of the runways, roads and pavements, the aggregate impact value shall not exceed by weight

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Question 176

Pick up the correct statement from the following

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Question 177

A sample of cement is said to be sound when it does not contain free

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Question 178

Consider the following statements regarding aggregates:
1. Dry aggregates absorb water from the mixing water and thus affect the workability
2. Aggregates containing surface moisture contribute extra
3. The free moisture content in fine aggregate results in reduction of volume
4. The free moisture content in coarse aggregate results in bulking of volume.
Of these statements:

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Question 179

If the permissible compressive and tensile stresses in a single reinforced beam are 50 kg/cm2 and 1400 kg/cm2 respectively and the modular ratio is 18, the percentage are At of the steel required for an economic section, is

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Question 180

The maximum shear stress (qmax) in a rectangular beam is

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