SSC JE Civil Engineering 24th Jan 2018 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

For M 150 mix concrete, according to I.S. specifications, local bond stress is

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Question 182

The properly bent up and hooked bar for resisting diagonal tension is beams is shown in which of the following figures?

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Question 183

An intermediate T-beam reinforced with two layers of tensile steel with clear cover 13 cm encasted with the floor of a hall 12 meters by 7 meters, is spaced at 3 meters from adjoining beams and if the width of the beam is 20 cm, the breadth of the flange is

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Question 184

Long and short spans of a two way slab are ly and lxand load on the slab acting on strips parallel to lx and ly be wx and wy respectively. According to Rankine Grashoff theory

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Question 185

If the diameter of the main reinforcement in a slab is 16 mm, the concrete cove to main bars is

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Question 186

Top bars are extended to the projecting parts of the combined footing of two columns L distance apart for a distance of

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Question 187

A pile of length L carrying a uniformly distributed load W per meter length is suspended at two points, the maximum B.M. at the center of the pile or at the points of suspension is

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Question 188

If W is the weight of a retaining wall and P is the horizontal earth pressure, the factor of safety against sliding is

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Question 189

The deflection of a uniform circular bar of diameter d and length l, which extends by an amount e under a tensile pull W, when it carries the same load at its mid-span is

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Question 190

The maximum deflection due to a uniformly distributed load w/unit length over entire span of a cantilever of length l and of flexural rigidity EI, is

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