SSC JE Civil Engineering 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 191

The unit of the coefficient of consolidation is

Question 192

The characteristic of an ideal fluid is

Question 193

The discharge through a rectangular orifice is given by the expression as indicated below :

Question 194

A rectangular plate 1.25 m $$\times$$ 2.4 m is immersed in a liquidof relative density 0.85 with its 1.25 m side horizontal and just at the water surface. If the plane of the plate makes an angle of $$60^\circ$$ with the horizontal, the pressure force on one side of the plate of

Question 195

The ratio of specific weight of a liquid to the specific weight of pure water at a standard temperature is called

Question 196

In the Bernoulli’s equation written as $$\frac{p}{r} + \frac{v^2}{2g} + z =$$ constant, each of the term represents energy per unit

Question 197

The term ’alternate depth’ in open channel flow refers to the

Question 198

The length of a pipe is 1000 m and its diameter is 20 cm. If the diameter of an equivalent pipe is 40 cm, then its length is

Question 199

In series-pipe problems

Question 200

An air vessel is provided at the summit in a syphon to

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