SSC JE Civil Engineering 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 181

If the magnetic bearing of the Sun at a place at noon in southern hemisphereis $$167^\circ$$, the magnetic declination at that place is

Question 182

The angle between the prolongation of the preceding line and the forwardline of a traverse is called

Question 183

If the end points of a line are free from local attraction, the difference between fore bearing - and back bearingof that line should be

Question 184

For a tacheometer, the additive and multiplying constants are respectively

Question 185

The fore bearing of a line CD is $$324^\circ 45’$$. The back bearing of the line is

Question 186

The principle of working of optical square is based upon

Question 187

If the plasticity index of a soil mass is zero, the soil is

Question 188

Water content of soil can

Question 189

The coefficient of active earth pressure for a loose sand having an angle of internalfriction '$$\phi$$' is

Question 190

A plate load test is useful to estimate

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