SSC CHSL 5 March 2018 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

A sum of Rs 2000 becomes Rs 3645 in 2 years at a certain rate of compound interest. What will be the sum (in Rs) after 4 years?

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Question 12

Mohit sells a table at a profit of 25%. If he reduces its selling price by Rs 240, then he suffers a loss of 5%. What was the initial selling price (in Rs) of the table?

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Question 13

If two successive discounts of 25% and 30% are given, then what will be the ratio of marked price to selling price?

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Question 14

If 49 is subtracted from the square of a number, then the result obtained is 576. What is the number?

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Question 15

P, Q and R together can make a table in 40 minutes. P and Q together can make it in 60 minutes. How much time (in minutes) will R alone take to make the table?

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Question 16

Two trains are running in opposite directions with the same speed. If the length of each train is 486 metres and they cross each other in 27 seconds, then what is the speed (in km/hr) of each train?

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The line graph shows the number of students admitted in the give year to a certain Uniiversity. Study the diagram and answer the following questions.


Question 17

In which year were admissions greater than that of the previous year?

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Question 18

What was the difference in admissions between the years 2016 and 2012?

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Question 19

Admissions in 2016 were greater than that in 2015 by ________.

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Question 20

If average fees per student collected in 2014 was Rs 20,000 what were the total fees collected (in Rs lakhs) in 2014?

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