SSC CHSL 21 Jan 2017 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

If Gafur's salary is 4/3 times of Haashim's and Satish's is 5/4 times of Haashim's, what is the ratio of Gafur's salary to Satish's?

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Question 82

If cosecA/(cosecA - 1) + cosecA/(cosecA + 1) = x, then x is

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Question 83

Which of the following is correct?

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Question 84

Of the 3 numbers whose average is 77, the first is 3/4 times the sum of other 2. The first number is

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Question 85

If the amount received at the end of 2nd and 3rd year at Compound Interest on a certain Principal is Rs 34992, and Rs 37791.36 respectively, what is the rate of interest?

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Question 86

Slope of the side DA of the rectangle ABCD is -3/4. What is the slope of the side AB?

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Question 87

If cot 30° - cos 45° = x, then x is

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Question 88

The length of the diagonal of a rectangle is 10 cm and that of one side is 8 cm. What is the area of this rectangle?

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Question 89

The two numbers are 55 and 99, HCF is 11, What is their LCM?

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Question 90

A dishonest milkman buys milk at Rs 25 per litre and adds 1/5 of water to it and sells the mixture at Rs 29 per litre. His gain is

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