SSC CHSl 19 Jan 2017 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Manoj can do a piece of work in 42 hours. If he is joined by Jayashree who is 100% more efficient, in what time they will finish the work together?

Question 92

The measures of the three angles of a triangle are in the ratio 1:2:3. What is the measure of the biggest angle?

Question 93

The average revenues of 13 consecutive years of a company is Rs 70 lakhs. If the average of first 7 years is Rs 65 lakhs and that of last 7 years is Rs 77 lakhs, find the revenue for the 7th year.

Question 94

Profit of Rs 144000 has to be divided among three partners Akram, Bipin and Chintan in the ratio 3:2:7. How much Rs. Chintan get?

Question 95

Area of ...............equals half the product of its diagonal.

Question 96

The costs of daily ticket of local train is Rs. 50 and Monthly Pass costs is Rs. 1125. If I buy the Monthly Pass and travel for 30 days in a month then I save?

Question 97

Read the data and answer the questions

Who has the least weight to height ratio?

Question 98

Read the data and answer the given data ?

What was the revenue of the company if its expenditure was Rs 525 crore in the year when its % profit was the least? 

Question 99

Read the data and answer the given questions

What is the average children per house?

Question 100

Read the data and answer the given questions 

If the company has issued 6 lakh shares between its five partners and If Chinmay offers to sell 15000 of his shares to Dhiraj, then Dhiraj will have how many shares? 

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