SSC CHSL 17 Jan 2017 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71 the perpendicular distance between point of application of force and axis of rotation.

Question 72

As per John Locke, an English philosopher and physician, which is not a Natural Right?

Question 73

How many seats are reserved for representatives of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Lok Sabha?

Question 74

The term "Birdie" is related to which game?

Question 75

Name the author of the book "All About Women".

Question 76

Profit of Rs 135200 has to be divided among three partners Aashay, Bhairav and Chetan in the ratio 4:3:6. How much Rs. does Chetan get?

Question 77

Sum of lengths of all edges of a cube is 84 cm, find its volume?

Question 78

Two numbers are 30% and 60% lesser than a third number. By how much percent is the second number to be enhanced to make it equal to the first number?

Question 79

Two cars travel from city A to city B at a speed of 30 and 45 km/hr respectively. If one car takes 2.5 hours lesser time than the other car for the journey, then the distance between City A and City B is:

Question 80

If 7x + 2 ≥ x - 2 and 7 + 2x ≥ 3 + 3x; then x can take which of the following values?

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