SSC CHSL 16 Jan 2017 Morning Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

$$\sqrt{[\frac{(1 - sinA)}{(1 + sinA)}}]$$ is equal to?

Question 82

What is the value of $$\frac{(4a^{2} + 8b + 14c + 2)}{2}$$ ?

Question 83

Coefficient of $$x^{2}$$ in (x + 9)(6 - 4x) is

Question 84

If the number 247_679 is completely divisible by 9, then the smallest whole number in the place of the blank digit will be

Question 85

What are the 2 consecutive even natural numbers, sum of whose squares is 52?

Question 86

What is the value of $$cot\frac{5\pi}{3}$$ ?

Question 87

If sin3A = x, then value of x is

Question 88

If 7x + 6y = 5xy and 10x - 4y = 4xy, then value of x and y is

Question 89

If the selling price is Rs 728 after getting a discount of 9%, what was the marked price?

Question 90

The cross-section of a canal is in the shape of an isosceles trapezium which is 3 m wide at the bottom and 5 m wide at the top. If the depth of the canal is 2 m and it is 110 m long, what is the maximum capacity of this canal? (Take π = 22/7)

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