SSC CHSL 10 July 2019 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

In a code language, TRILOGY is written as OGYLTRI. How will FRAGILE be written as in that language?

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Question 2

Select the set in which the numbers are related in the same way as are the numbers of the following set.
(24, 48, 36)

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Question 3

Arrange the following words in a logical sequence as they would appear in the English dictionary.
1. Examine
2. Excited
3. Exclaim
4. Example
5. Execute

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Question 4

Which number will replace the question mark (?) in the following series?
1, 2, 6, 24, 120, ?

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Question 5

Select the number-pair in which the two numbers are related in the same way as are the two numbers of the following number-pair.
6 : 40

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Question 6

Three of the following four letter-clusters are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.

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Question 7

How many triangles are present in the following figure ?

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Question 8

Select the correct mirror image of the given figure when the mirror is placed to the right of the figure.

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Question 9

Select the Answer Fig. that will come next in the following Problem Fig. series.

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Question 10

Two positions of a dice are shown below. When the number3 is at the top, which number would appear at the bottom ?

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