SSC CGL Tier 2 28th January 2022 Statistics


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

If $$Q_{3} - Q_{2} > Q_{1}$$ , the value of Bowley's coefficient of skewness is:

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Question 2

Rohit wants to check his IQ with an MCQ test. The test has five questions with one correct answer. Each question has three options. If he just randomly guesses the answer to each question, what is the probability that he will get exactly three questions correct?

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Question 3

For the uniformly distributed random variable X with a = 0 and b = $$\theta$$, the value of the ratio of raw moments $$\left(\frac{\mu_{3}}{\mu_{4}}\right)$$ is:

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Question 4

If $$n_{1} = 10,n_{2} = 5$$ are the sizes of a male and female student group with mean ages $$\overline{x_{1}} = 10, \overline{x_{2}} = 4$$, respectively, with an equal standard deviation $$\sigma_{1} = 1, = \sigma_ 2$$ the standard deviation of the combined series with size $$n_{1} + n_{2} $$, and combined mean $$\overline{x} = 8$$ is equal to:

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Question 5

For the given distribution of female weight in a colony, the quartiles are 60.1, 61.3, 62.6. The value of Bowley's coefficient of skewness is:

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Question 6

The average income of a worker for the first five days of the week is ₹25 per day. If he works for the first six days of the week, his average income per day is ₹30. His income for the sixth day is:

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Question 7

The regression assumption is that the deviations from the regression line (residuals) follow a:

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Question 8

If the two lines of regression are x + 2y- 5 = 0 and 2x + 3y - 8 = 0 . the means of X and Y are:

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Question 9

If the mean, median, mode and standard deviation for the distribution are 61.4, 61.25, 61.13, 1.76, respectively, Karl Pearson's first coefficient of skewness equals to:

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Question 10

Multiple regression equation of $$X_{1}$$ on $$X_{2}$$ and $$X_{3}$$ is $$\left(X_{1} -\overline{X}_{1}\right) = b_{12.3}\left(X_{2} -\overline{X}_{2}\right) + b_{13.2}\left(X_{3} -\overline{X}_{3}\right)$$ where $$ b_{13.2}$$ is:

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