SSC CGL 2014 Tier 1 20 July First Sitting


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in India in

Question 2

Which one of the following is a Sedimentary Rock ?

Question 3

Highly specialized form of agriculture in which crops like coffee, tea and rubber are cultivated refer to

Question 4

International Ozone Day is celebrated on

Question 5

In India, coal fields are mainly found in which valley?

Question 6

The newly hatched tadpole breaths through its

Question 7

Virus in Latin means

Question 8

The biological process in which both aerobes and anaerobes degrade organic matter is

Question 9

Statement I : Complex tissue is made up of more than one type of cells.
Statement II : Meristems are examples of permanent tissue.

Question 10

The cuticle is absent in

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