SSC CGL 2013 Tier 1 21 April Shift 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 131

I and 0 are respectively the in-centre and circumcentre of a triangle ABC. The line AI produced intersects the circumcircle of ΔABC at the point D. If ∠ABC = x°, ∠BID = y° and ∠BOD = z°, then $$\frac{z+x}{y}=$$

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Question 132

Rana drove 8 miles due west, then 6 miles due north, then 3 miles due east and then 6 more miles due north. The distance between his initial and final position is

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Question 133

ABCD is a parallelogram. BC is produced to Q such that BC = CQ. Then

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Question 134

In ΔABC and Δ DEF. AB = DE and BC = EF. Then one can infer that Δ ABC ≅ Δ DEF, when

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Question 135

The length of the common chord of two circles of radii 30 cm and 40 cm whose centres are 50 cm apart, is (in cm)

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Question 136

Two chords AB, CD of a circle with centre 0 intersect each other at P. ∠ADP = 23° and ∠APC = 70°, then the ∠BCD is

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Question 137

If the interior angles of a five-sided polygon are in the ratio of 2 : 3 : 3 : 5 : 5, then the measure of the smallest angle is

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Question 138

If secθ + tanθ = √3 (0°≤ θ ≤ 90°), then tan 3θ is

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Question 139

If sin (60° - θ) = cos (Ψ - 30°), then the value of tan (Ψ - θ) is (assume that θ and Ψ are both positive acute angles with θ < 60° and Ψ > 30°).

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Question 140

The value of(1 + cot θ - cosec θ) (1 + tan θ + sec θ) is equal to

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