2017 SSC CGL 11 Aug Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

A group of boys has an average weight of 36 kg. One boy weighing 42 kg leaves the group and another boy weighing 30 kg joins the group. If the average now becomes 35.7 kg, then how many boys are there in the group?

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Question 82

A man gains 15% by selling a calculator for a certain price. If he sells it at the triple the price, then what will be the profit percentage?

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Question 83

In an election between two candidates, the winning candidate has got 70% of the votes polled and has won by 15400 votes. What is the number of votes polled for loosing candidate?

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Question 84

A boat goes 4 km upstream and 4 km downstream in 1 hour. The same boat goes 5 km downstream and 3 km upstream in 55 minutes. What is the speed (in km/hr) of boat in still water?

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Question 85

Simple Interest received by a person in 10 years on a principal of Rs 9500 is 130% of the principal. What is the rate of interest (in %) per annum?

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Question 86

For what value of k, the expression $$x^6 - 18x^3 + k$$ will be a perfect square?

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Question 87

If $$\frac{\sqrt{5+x}+\sqrt{5-x}}{\sqrt{5+x}-\sqrt{5-x}}=3$$, then what is the value of x?

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Question 88

If (x + y + z) = 12, xy + yz + zx = 44 and xyz = 48, then what is the value of $$x^3 + y^3 + z^3$$ ?

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Question 89

If $$x=\frac{4\sqrt{ab}}{\sqrt{a}+\sqrt{b}}$$, then what is the value of $$\frac{x+2\sqrt{a}}{x-2\sqrt{a}}+\frac{x+2\sqrt{b}}{x-2\sqrt{b}}$$ (When a$$\neq$$b) ?

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Question 90

In a triangle PQR, ∠Q = 90°. If PQ = 12 cm and QR = 5 cm, then what is the radius (in cm) of the circumcircle of the triangle?

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