2017 SSC CGL 08 Aug Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

ABCD is a parallelogram in which AB = 7 cm, BC = 9 cm and AC = 8 cm. What is the length (in cm) of other diagonal?

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Question 92

How many diagonals are there in octagon?

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Question 93

A square is inscribed in a quarter circle in such a way that two of its adjacent vertices on the radius are equidistant from the centre and other two vertices lie on the circumference. If the side of square is √(5/2) cm, then what is the radius (in cm) of the circle?

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Question 94

If $$sec^2 θ + tan^2 θ = \frac{5}{3}$$, then what is the value of tan 2θ?

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Question 95

A tower is broken at a point P above the ground. The top of the tower makes an angle 60° with the ground at Q. From another point R on the opposite side of Q angle of elevation of point P is 30°. If QR = 180 m, then what is the total height (in metres) of the tower?

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Question 96

If sin 5θ + sin θ = sin 3θ and 0 < θ < (π/2), then what is the value of θ (in degrees)?

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The table given below represents the cost, revenue and tax rate for XYZ Limited for a period of 8 years. Cost and revenue are given in Rs '000 crores. 


Profit for any year = revenue — cost

Profit after tax for any year = profit of that year - tax of that year

tax on any year = tax rate of that year x profit of that year

Question 97

How much tax (in Rs '000 crores) was paid by XYZ limited in Y7?

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Question 98

Which of the following is correct about profit after tax for year Y2, Y6 and Y8?

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Question 99

How many distinct values of yearly profit are there?

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Question 100

What is the total sum (in '000 crores) of profit after tax for Y1 to Y8?

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