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PUMBA: Department of Management Sciences

by REEYA SINGH 105 April 11, 2024

Renowned for its flagship MBA program and specialized MBA in Pharma-Biotechnology, the Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to its students. PUMBA's rigorous curriculum combined with the ROI it provides makes it one of the top sought-after institutes in India. Admission to PUMBA is through national and state-level exams, ensuring top-tier talent.

This article explores the PUMBA cut-off for different management exams it accepts for admission.

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PUMBA Cutoff 2024

ExamExpected Cutoff
MAH CET98.69 percentile
CMAT90+ percentile
CAT60-80 percentile

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PUMBA Past 3 Year Trends: CET, CMAT, CAT

PUMBA's flagship MBA program consistently ranks high on the list of aspirants seeking top-tier management education. However, to ensure the caliber of incoming students, PUMBA maintains its own set of cut-off requirements. The following data outlines the cut-off criteria for PUMBA across different years, reflecting the standards set for exams such as MAH CET, CMAT, and CAT.

Why candidates need to analyze past year trends?

Prospective exam takers, especially those aiming for admission into top-notch business schools, consider it essential to review cut-off scores from previous years. This approach helps applicants understand the competitiveness of the process and determine the minimum scores required for admission. Analyzing historical data enables candidates to predict changes in cut-off scores and adjust their study strategies accordingly. This knowledge aids in setting realistic goals and choosing effective study methods. Additionally, past cut-off scores provide a reference point for assessing one's performance, empowering candidates to make informed choices regarding their preferred colleges.

PUMBA CET Cut Off 2023, 2022, 2021

MAH CET Past Year TrendsCut offs

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PUMBA CMAT Cut Off 2023, 2022, 2021

CMAT Past Year TrendsCut offs

PUMBA CAT Cut Off 2023, 2022, 2021

CAT Past Year TrendsCut offs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cet cut off score for PUMBA CET?
    Candidates need a raw score of 150-160 as the expected MAH CET score for PUMBA is at 99+ percentile
  • Can I submit CAT score for PUMBA admission?
    PUMBA accepts MAH CET, CMAT and CAT exam score for admission into its MBA program.
  • What percentile is required for PUMBA cat?
    Aspirants can expect the CAT percentile to be around 60 to 80 percentile.
  • Is PUMBA good for MBA?
    PUMBA is one of the top 10 colleges in West India providing MBA education at low cost.

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