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KJ Somaiya Institute Of Management

KJ Somaiya prides itself on providing aspiring candidates with the utmost flexibility in the admissions process. Recognizing the diverse academic backgrounds and testing preferences of applicants, the institute accepts test scores from a range of qualifying exams, including CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, and NMAT. Each year, KJ Somaiya evaluates these scores, establishing a minimum cut-off to determine candidates' eligibility for the subsequent GDPI rounds. These rounds serve as a crucial opportunity for applicants to showcase their skills, aspirations, and suitability for the program. By adhering to rigorous standards while also accommodating candidates' circumstances, KJ Somaiya ensures a fair and comprehensive assessment process that aligns with its commitment to academic excellence and inclusivity.

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KJ Somaiya Cutoff 2024

The following data represent the expected cut-off set by KJ Somaiya Institute of Management for various exams it accepts for its MBA, MBA-HCM & MBA-SM programs:

CAT85 Percentile
XAT70+ Percentile
NMAT225 Score
GMAT500 Score
CMAT97+ Percentile

To get a GDPI call from KJ Somaiya Institute of Management for their esteemed MBA programs, aspirants must meet specific score cutoffs set by the college for various entrance exams. For CAT, a minimum percentile of 85 is required, while XAT applicants must achieve a percentile of 70 or higher. Similarly, NMAT candidates need to attain a minimum score of 225 to be shortlisted for GDPI, whereas applicants taking the GMAT and CMAT exams must achieve scores of at least 500 and percentile of 97+, respectively. These stringent criteria reflect KJ Somaiya's commitment to selecting top-tier candidates who demonstrate exceptional academic aptitude and potential for success in their rigorous MBA program.

Importance of Scoring Well in Qualifying Exam

  • Like most of the other esteemed B-schools in India, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management adopts a similar approach in shortlisting candidates for GDPI rounds based on their test score results. Applicants who meet the minimum cut-off set by the college are subsequently invited to participate in GDPI rounds conducted by KJ Somaiya across various cities in India.
  • Furthermore, according to the selection criteria established by the college for evaluating a candidate's application during the admission process, the qualifying test holds paramount importance. With a weightage of 25% in the selection process, excelling in the qualifying test is crucial for candidates seeking admission to KJ Somaiya.
  • The qualifying exam (CAT/XAT/GMAT/CMAT/NMAT) carries a weightage of 25% for the MBA and MBA in Healthcare Management programs. However, for the MBA in Sports Management program, the weightage of the qualifying exam increases to 30%. As for working professionals aspiring to enhance their careers through the MBA-Executive program at KJ Somaiya, the qualifying exam holds a significant weightage of 50% in the Selection Process.

For further clarity, refer to the following data to understand the selection parameter weightage set by the college for their MBA program:

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Qualifying Examination25%
Personal Interview25%
Group Discussion 15%
Academic Profile15%
Written Ability Test (WAT)10%
Work Experience10%

Selection parameter weightage set by the college for their MBA-HCM program

Qualifying Exam25%
Academic Profile15%
Statement of Purpose10%
Additional Qualification( HCM Related)5%
Written Ability Test (WAT)5%
Work Experience10%

Selection parameter weightage set by the college for their MBA-SM program:

Qualifying Exam30%
Statement of Purpose15%
Played Sport15%

Selection parameter weightage set by the college for their MBA-Executive program.

Qualifying Exam50%
Academic Profile5%
Statement of Purpose5%
Outstanding Achievement10%

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KJ Somaiya Previous Year Cutoffs

Every year KJ Somaiya Institute of Management publishes a minimum cut off that candidate will have to satisfy as a part of their test scores requirement to be considered for admissions at KJ Somaiya.

Why candidates need to analyze past year trends?

Exam aspirants, particularly those aspiring to secure admission into premier B-schools, find it imperative to analyze previous years' cut-off scores. This practice allows candidates to gauge the level of competition and ascertain the minimum scores necessary for admission. By examining historical trends, candidates can anticipate fluctuations in cut-off scores and adapt their preparation methods accordingly. This insight assists them in setting achievable targets and selecting appropriate study techniques. Moreover, past cut-off scores serve as a benchmark for evaluating performance, enabling candidates to make well-informed decisions regarding their college preferences.

Following tables represent the exam-wise cut offs for year 2022, 2021 and 2020 for KJ Somaiya various management programs:

Past Year Cat Cutoffs:

Programs2022 CAT Cutoff2021 CAT Cutoff2020 CAT Cutoff

Past Year XAT Cutoffs:

Programs2022 XAT Cutoff2021 XAT Cutoff2020 XAT Cutoff

Past Year GMAT Cutoffs:

Programs2022 GMAT Cutoff2021 GMAT Cutoff2020 GMAT Cutoff

Past Year CMAT Cutoffs:

Programs2022 CMAT Cutoff2021 CMAT Cutoff2020 CMAT Cutoff

Past Year NMAT Cutoffs:

Programs2022 NMAT Cutoff2021 NMAT Cutoff2020 NMAT Cutoff

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cut off for KJ Somaiya Institute of Management?

The cut off for KJ Somaiya Institute of Management for CAT is 85, for XAT is 70+, for NMAT is 225, for GMAT is 500 and for CMAT is 97+

Can I get KJ Somaiya at 80 percentile?
candidates scoring above 83 percentile in CAT has good chances of getting calls from KJ Somaiya.

What is the NMAT cutoff for KJ Somaiya healthcare management?
The minimum NMAT score required is 225.

Can I get KJ Somaiya at 90 percentile?
Candidates getting 90 percentile in CAT have better of getting calls from KJ Somaiya.

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