Rough Work In CAT Exam

Rough Work In CAT Exam
Rough Work In CAT Exam

Rough Work In CAT Exam

The CAT examination is three weeks away, and students appearing in the CAT for the first time might have difficulty figuring out the various details associated with the examination hall environment. One of the major things that they worry about is where to do all the rough work. We need a sufficient amount of space to solve DILR sets and QA questions; hence, this is one of the major worries of first-time applicants. Well, if you are facing similar troubles trying to figure out where to do the rough work, do not worry! This article will discuss all the elements regarding rough work in the CAT examination in detail.

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Before you start with your paper, you will be provided with a writing pad on which you can do all the rough work. It will be ruled on either side, and the writing pad is the only place where you are allowed to do all your rough work. You need to submit your writing pad before you leave the examination hall.

Remember that you must do all the rough work on that writing pad. In case, you have no more space left in the pad, you won’t be provided with any additional writing pad or sheet of paper for your rough work. So, make sure that you use it judicially. If you are someone with a small or medium writing size, you do not need to worry about it; you will have enough space in which to do the rough work. However, you might need to use the writing pad wisely if you have a very big writing size.

Hope you find this article helpful. Do check out CAT Previous Year papers and Free CAT Mocks on our website. Wish you all the best for the examination!

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