Last minute tips for CAT 2019

Last minute tips for CAT
Last minute tips for CAT

Last minute tips for CAT 2019

CAT is just few days away. Most of the aspirants will be looking for some last minute tips for CAT to improve their scores. In this article, let us look at what aspirants must do in the last few days to ace the exam.

Practise previous year papers of CAT and free CAT online mock tests to make sure that you are moving towards your target. Online preparation for CAT can help aspirants to push their scores in these final few days.

The following last minute tips for CAT can help you to increase your scores by 10-20 marks. These marks can make all the difference at the higher echelons. These 20 marks can make the difference between a 99 and a 99.7 percentile and a few coveted IIM calls.


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Last minute tips for CAT:

Learn from mock tests:

  • Start by analysing the mock tests you have taken so far. Make a repository of questions that you have gotten wrong. Also, make a note of questions that took too much time while solving the mock tests.
  • Revise them in these last few days from time to time. Look for alternative methods to solve questions that took up too much time. Also, ensure that you do not remain clueless about some topics. Try to have at least some basic idea about all the topics.
  • Make a note of the mistakes that you often repeat. If the errors are due to some gaps in the fundamentals, revise the basics. Doing so will ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes in the actual exam.
  • Also, try to solve the unconventional questions that you came across while solving mock tests.

Revise the basics:

  • It is important to have the concepts at your fingertips in the examination hall. Take a day off to revise all the quant formulas you have learned so far. Make sure that you can recollect all the formulas when and where required without much fuss.
  • Also, go through the conventional set types in DILR. Make sure that you are comfortable in dealing with sets based on common topics such as tournaments, picking coins, charts and tables. Ability to recollect a concept from the back of your head is crucial in this exam.
  • Read for an hour or two every day till CAT to stay in touch with reading. This will help you to attempt the VARC section with confidence.
  • Revising the basics is an important task that aspirants must take up in these last few days. Going through the basics will help to recollect the formulas and concepts that have been pushed to the faintest corners in your memory.

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Finalize a strategy:

  • In the last few mocks, deploy the strategy that you have devised so far. Make sure that your strategy works well for you under various circumstances.
  • Test your strategy in at least 3-4 mock tests to develop confidence. Also, make sure that your strategy is flexible and open to amendments based on the requirements of the D-day.
  • Give yourself a break on the day before the exam. Also, complete the revision 2-3 days before the exam. Do not strain yourself too much on the day before the exam. Do not cut your sleeping time. Make sure that you can perform to the best of your abilities on the D-day.

On the D-day:

  • Do not give in to pressure. Make sure that you know your centre and how to reach there. Start early to avoid any last minute delays. Account for traffic snarls and any other unforeseen circumstances that can happen.
  • Carry all the required documents. Also, carry additional copies to avoid any problems. Remember to take original ID proof and photographs to the examination hall. Also, carry photocopies of the original identity proof you are carrying.
  • Take the exam without worrying too much. Though it is easier said than done, it is better to avoid fretting too much about the exam. A bit of adrenalin might prove useful but avoid being anxious. Know the difference between being in haste and being quick. Be quick and calm while solving questions.
  • Make sure to leave the questions that are meant to be left. Spend some time to select the right sets in DILR section. Do questions in rounds in the quant section.
  • Do not go in with a preset number of questions in your mind. Tweak your target depending on the level of difficulty of the exam.

We hope that this article on last minute tips for CAT would have helped you to plan the final lap of your preparation. For other useful blogs, try reading how to get into IIMs with poor academics and how to improve mock CAT scores.

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